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1830 Buckinghamshire Directory – Tingewick folk

From the 1830 Buckinghamshire Directory.

Tingewick is included in the section on Buckingham (town)as:

“.. a village and parish in the same hundred as Buckingham, is two miles and a half west of that town, possessing nothing of an interesting or commercial character.  It has a small church and a national school.  Its population is about 800”

The directory consists of alphabetic lists of names under various headings:

  • NOBILITY, GENRTY AND CLERGY  – no entries for Tingewick
  • ACADEMIES AND SCHOOLS:  Richd. Baxter (boys) ; NATIONAL SCHOOL, Wm. Holton, master.
  • BAKERS & FLOUR DEALERS: William Corbet; Rebecca Course; William Fowler
  • BLACKSMITHS:  James Gay
  • BOOT AND SHOEMAKER: Daniel Lovell
  • BREWERS: John N. Bradford (retail)
  • BUTCHERS: William Cabe; William Everett; Richard Packer
  • MILLERS: Joseph Coles
  • SADDLERS & HARNESS MAKERS: Catherine Stuchfield
  • SHOPKEEPERS: Richard Butcher (drapers); William Poole (draper)
  • TAILORS: William Allen
  • TAVERNS & PUBLIC HOUSES : CROWN – William Farren ; OAK – William Kew ; WHITE HART – James Berry
  • WHEELWRIGHTS: John Cross; William Low
  • MISCELLANEOUS: James Perkins, Parish Clerk

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