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Tingewick Virtual Cemetery

Plan of Tingewick cemetery

Plan of Tingewick cemetery


J.F. sent an email to the e-group saying he could no longer see the map / plan of the Tingewick churchyard had vanished .  In fact, he was emailing the wrong person!   The plan on the Rootsweb Tingewick People website is of the Tingewick CEMETERY on Water Stratford Road which was first used for burials around 1900.  It can still be seen on this page: but the plan of the CHURCHYARD on the wonderful Tingewick Churchyard Project website (i.e. the graves round the church) has vanished.

However, if you try the link and then look at the address it is trying to take you to, you might spot the mistake – it ends in not one but TWO .pdf’s.  Sure enough, removing one of them works: try  http://www.tingewickchurchyard.co.uk/pdf/historical/churchyard+map.pdf


2 thoughts on “Tingewick Virtual Cemetery

  1. Does anyone know where the burials would be in Tingewick for about 1838 period. Thomas Dickins/Dickens

    • Hi Barbara
      Is his burial recorded in the parish registers? His son’s baptism is there, which suggests he wasn’t a non-conformist. Before the 1890s, everyone was buried in the churchyard (the area surrounding the church): as far as I can see, though, there are no Dickins gravestones 😦 Sorry!
      If his burial doesn’t appear in the Tingewick registers, maybe he was buried in a family plot in Buckingham?

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