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William Gough 1723-1793: a cautionary tale

Many years ago – December 2000, if not before – I appear to have imported a Gedcom file relating to the Gough family into my database.  The relevant emails have long since vanished but ten years later another Gough descendant wrote an excellent article for ‘Origins‘, the Buckinghamshire Family History Society magazine, which still makes me blush.  In it he said:

“A relatively short time ago I discovered a Gough family tree posted on a certain popular family history website … I was disheartened to find this same attribution had become an online commonplace, apparently accepted without question.”

Yes, that “popular family history website” was mine, and once again guilt drives me to repeat what Graham proves beyond all reasonable doubt – that the William Gough who married Alice Bland nee Hatton  was baptised in Heyford Warren (now Upper Heyford) in Oxfordshire, not Upton-cum-Chalvey in Buckinghamshire.

2 thoughts on “William Gough 1723-1793: a cautionary tale

  1. I also have a tree on that “popular family history website” and I must reiterate that Graham has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that the William GOUGH baptised in Heyford Warren is the one married to Alice BLAND nee HATTON. The William born in Upton-cum-Chalvey looks to fit very nicely on other peoples trees, but I am not aware of this ever being proven.

    Mr. J. Roe

  2. Graham’s research was correct all the time: You might like to know, that I now have the DNA evidence that William Gough, husband of Alice Bland nee Hatton, was born in Heyford Warren, (now Upper Heyford), Oxfordshire in 1723. This then, also confirms that Alice’s husband, definitely is not, the William Goff(e), born in Upton cum Chalvey.


    Andrew Gough

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