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Tingewick Historical Society – re-issue of Bygone Tingewick series

In the 1970s, 80s and 90s members of the Tingewick Historical Society produced four books on Tingewick’s history.   These books are now available again for £2 per book plus postage and packing. The contents of each book are listed below. To obtain copies please contact Sara Churchfield sara.churchfield@btinternet.com or Ruth Roy ruthroy@hotmail.com

Bygone Tingewick 1977

  • How do you spell Tingewick?
  • The History of Tingewick Church
  • The Tingewick Exhibition of 1887
  • Lacemaking in Tingewick
  • Roman Remains
  • Water Stratford’s most noted Rector
  • Village Customs
  • Chetwode Rhyne-Toll
  • Tingewick in the early 1870s
  • Tingewick Mill
  • Tingewick School

Bygone Tingewick 1979

  • Tingwick – Extract from a book by Browne Willis 1755
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Extract from the 1877 Exhibition Handbook
  • Tingewick before the 1914/1918 War
  • Tingewick in War
  • Tombstones
  • An 18th Century Will
  • The Church Warden’s Chest of St Mary Magdalene Tingewick
  • Old Family Names
  • Tingewick Clocks
  • Roofing Materials in Tingewick

Bygone Tingewick 1985

  • The Story of Tingewick’s Horticultural Show
  • Sir John Busby’s Company 1673
  • Tingewick’s Mean Millionaire!
  • Tingewick’s First Harvest Festival
  • Paying for Henry V111’s Wars
  • The Will and Inventory of Jane Jonson
  • Early History of the Wesleyan Chapel
  • Building Inscriptions 1634-1935
  • The Early Days of Tingewick’s Guides and Brownies
  • Church View – a Pre-enclosure Farmstead
  • A Church Inventory of 1553

Bygone Tingewick 1991

  • Tingewick Inclosure 1775
  • Tingewick Scout Troop 1930-1935
  • Richard Thomas Lucas
  • From the ‘Parish news’
  • The Windows of St Mary Magdalene Tingewick
  • Judd’s the Bootmaker – 1901 bill
  • Tingewick Parish War Memorials
  • New College, Oxford Patrons
  • Tingewick Women’s Institute 1926-1954
  • Francis Edmonds An 18th Century Tingewick Parson
  • Christmas

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