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Good Samaritans near Tingewick

From the North Bucks Herald, Saturday 11th January 1908, p3

[sent in by Sue in Brisbane]


*  *  *  *

The ordinary tramp bears anything but a good character, and when met on the highway is, as a rule, given as wide a berth as possible.  There are exceptions to every rule, and it is a pleasure to be able to record a very kindly act performed by one of the genre, who almost deserves to be classed with the Good Samaritan.  Miss Florence Swift, a teacher in the Buckingham National School, left her home at Barton Hartshorn on Monday last on her bicycle, in order to attend school, which opened after the Christmas holidays on that day.  When about three-quarters of a mile on the Buckingham side of Tingewick her bicycle skinned on the icy road, and she was thrown to the ground.  A tramp, evidently and old soldier, was proceeding from Buckingham to Tingewick, and found the young lady lying unconscious on the road.  He picked her up, lifted her to the side of the road, took off his coat and wrapped it round her, also unfastening her cape from the machine and wrapping it round her head, which was covered in blood.  Mrs Baines, of Tingewick, happened to be passing towards Buckingham, and after some unavoidable delay Mr. Baines came to the rescue, the tramp meanwhile mounting guard over the young lady, who was still unconscious, in his shirt sleeves, though it was a bitterly cold morning.

*  *  *  *

Miss Swift was ultimately removed to the house of Mr. Baines, and a cyclist being despatched to Buckingham, Dr Larking was quickly in attendance.  It was found that the young lady had sustained serious cuts on the head, but she gradually recovered consciousness, and later in the day was removed to her home, where she is progressing favourably.

*  *  *  *

[Mrs & Mr Baines may well have been Martha Baines and husband Frederick, a small farmer: they lived on the High Street in 1911, and were the grandparents of Mary Watkins (1922-2014), stalwart and for many years president of the Tingewick Historical Society]

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