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Replacement Tingewick website

Until the Rootsweb problems are resolved, I’ve created a new Tingewick website at www.tingewick.org.uk.  Once I see how much space I have, I’ll add more pages and also more information about each person.  If there’s anything that anyone wants me to prioritise, please let me know.

Onward and upward!


4 thoughts on “Replacement Tingewick website

  1. Hi Sue Haven’t been in touch for a very long time, but just to say I would be willing to contribute yearly if needed, as you have done such a sterling job in the past. And you may not have this info -Minnie Steeden died in 1934. I think her husband Joseph Holton then remarried a Florence Roadnight (not sent for marriage certificate yet) in 1935. Then I found this article May 1937………. TINGEWICK FARM WORKER’S DEATH Accident With Horses and Cart BUCKINGHAM INQUEST. A Tingewick farm worker’s death in Buckingham Hospital as result of injuries received while working with horses and cart on Wednesday morning, was the subject of an inquest conducted by the Coroner (Mr. Philip Wood) at the Town Hall, Buckingham, on Thursday afternoon. Deceased was Mr. Joseph Holton aged 62. Mr. Thos. Tredwell, farmer, of Little Tingewick, said that deceased had been in his employ for more than a week and previously in his brother’s employ. He came to him as a general labourer and witness was satisfied that was experienced in working with horses. On the day of the accident deceased had been in charge of two horses which were old and quiet ones and which were driven tandem fashion. THROUGH A GAP. Arthur John Butler, of Finmere Grounds Cottages, employed by Mr. C. Tredwell, said that he was drilling a plough field and saw coming up the field on the left-hand side of the horses, holding the reins of the trace horse and the bridle of the other. The horses were quiet and pulling well. The cart went through a gap in the hedge and the next thing that witness heard was Mr. Holton shouting out ” woa” twice. He then heard groans and rushed to the scene. He found the horses still travelling and deceased lying on his tight side behind them. He said that the wheel of the cart had gone over him. He drove deceased to the Hospital in one Mr. Charles Tredwell’s lorries. By Supt. Bryant: There was a sharp turn to the left to go through the gap. There were deep rats there. It was quite dry at the time. Witness added that he saw deceased’ cap lying out some distance away and he could not understand how it got there. There •was no sign of his having been dragged along. Albert Frederick Hitchcock, of Glebe Farm Cottage, who was carting manure from the Grounds Farm to the Glebe Farm on the morning of the accident, with deceased, said that there were two carts and three horses and that witness filled and deceased emptied. He could not see the gap at the time of the accident; bat his own opinion, from experience, was that the accident might have been due to the trace horse having taken the gap a bit short.” The gap was from 3 to 4 yards wide and quite wide enough for the purpose for which it was used. Deceased had done this work all has-life.USED TO HORSES. The widow. Mrs. Florence Holton, of the Lighthouse, Tingewick, said that her husband was quite well when be went to work. She said that she went to the Hospital with him in the lorry. Her husband was accustomed to working with horses. He suffered with his feet.” Dr. Pope, of Buckingham, gave the cause of death as external hemorrhage and shock due extensive internal injuries. He was helpless and collapsed but still conscious when witness saw him at the Hospital and he died several hours later. The Coroner, in summing up pointed out that there was apparently nobody on the scene of the accident who saw what happened. The evidence went to show that the horses were apparently quite manageable and that the gap in the hedge was wide enough. The jury, without retiring, returned verdict in accordance with the medical evidence, expressing the view that the occurrence was pure accident without blame attached. They gave their fees to the widow with whom Mr. B. Cheshire, the foreman, expressed sympathy on their behalf. The other members of the jury were Messrs. S. Brereton, H. Coulson, E. Barnes. R. J. Spencer, L. Taylor, H. A. Cornwall P. W. Stimson. Mr. B. W. Law represented the employer. Wishing you a happy new year Jane Munro

    On Sunday, 31 December 2017, 15:31, Tingewick people wrote:

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    • Hi Jane
      MANY thanks for this – most of it is new to me. Very much appreciated, and also your ‘pledge’ – hopefully Rootsweb will be revived and I won’t have to take you up on it. By coincidence, I’ve been working through an archive of newspaper articles I downloaded years ago – another silver lining to the Rootsweb problem – recently I’ve been concentrating on tracking down every person born in Tingewick on the 1911 census. Ironed out LOTS of wrinkles!
      Wishing you all the very best for 2018, too.

  2. Hi Sue , Would like to add my name to giving a yearly amount to website if you require it. You helped me greatly in the beginning and I am very grateful . Regards Wendy

    • Hi Wendy – Many thanks for the offer and the kind words. I’ve been very touched by the amount support I’ve been offered. I’ll wait and see what happens to Rootsweb in the next month or so, and meanwhile keep building the new improved version. The amount of info. I can put up for each person is pretty restricted at the moment because of the size of the unpaid space I’m using, so fingers crossed things are resolved soon. Cheers Su

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