Rootsweb revisited!

The old Tingewick website on Rootsweb has mostly been restored – it’s now at HOWEVER at the moment I can’t update it – the site was set up nearly (or, in fact, perhaps MORE than) twenty years ago when I was using a different email address, so – in spite of filling in a request to ask for it to be restored – so far I’ve received nothing to allow me to set up passwords etc.

Alas – and I should know better – some of the links are hard-coded to the old website address and of course are now broken, so – for the moment – updates will continue to be posted to the new non-Rootsweb site at

If anyone else is going through this process and would like to share their experience, please do!

p.s. – I’ve nearly finished adding all the Tingewick-born folk on the 1901 census, so there should be a new version of the family pages soon – will let you know when it’s there!