Newsy Notes

Mrs Sarah Davis, of Tingewick, near Buckingham, who died recently in her ninety-fourth year, was for sixty years mistress in the infants’ department of the village school at Finmere.


Fielding Star, Vol V, Issue 1320, 21 October 1910, p. 1.
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PS Feilding is a rural town on the southern part of the north island of New Zealand.


Pancake Day 1935

Tingewick – 1935 – Pancake Day – Shrove Tuesday celebrations

There are still about 70 parishes and schools in England in which the old customs regarding the Pancake Bell are still observed on Shrove Tuesday.  These include Warwick, Claverdon, Buckingham, Haxey, Minehead, Tingewick, Blaby, Wimborne, Minster, Bedale, East Markham, Ripon, and Bromley (Kent). At Dursley, “when a signal is given by a great peal from the parish church, maids in various houses begin to cook a pancake; and the girls run to the church with plates of pancakes for the ringers, and honour is paid to the girl who gets there first“. At Wem, Shropshire, the same ringer has rung the Pancake Bell for the last 60 years, without a break.

Auckland Star, Vo.l LXVI, Issue 230, 28 September 1935, p 12