1766 Rental Agreement – Tingewick Mill

Many thanks to Pauline Boughton who recently sent me a transcript and photo of this rental document she came across in the Buckinghamshire Archives in Aylesbury.

She’s not yet worked out if it relates to ‘her’ Thomas Bowden – who died ten years later at Dropshort (roughly halfway between Tingewick and Buckingham), leaving a will which I will also post here in due course.

If anyone can help Pauline work out whether we are talking about one Thomas or two, please let us know


Be It Remembered that it is agreed this First ~~~~~~~ day of November ~~~~~ In the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Six Between William Ross for and on the part and behalf of the Right Honourable George Grenville of the One part and Thomas Bowden of Tingewick in the County of Bucks Miller of the Other part as follows (that is to say)

The said William Ross in Consideration of the Rent and Agreements hereinafter
mentioned to be paid and performed by the said Thomas Bowden Hath Agreed and doth hereby Agree to Devise and let unto the said Thomas Bowden All that Messuage or Tenement and Mill Situate in the parish of Tingewick aforesaid now in the Occupation of him the said Thomas Bowden with the Mill Gear and all Tackle to the said Mill belonging and also all those two Meadows or parcels of Meadow Ground to the said Messuage belonging and used and occupied therewith Together with all Outhouses Yards and Appurtenances whatsoever to the said Messuage belonging or appertaining (Except and always reserved to the said George Grenville All Trees and Hedges Stone Quarries and Mines whatsoever in or upon the premisses with free Liberty to fell Lop Cut plaish take and Carry away the said Trees and Hedges or any of them leaving sufficient Fences. To Hold the said Messuage Mill Meadow Ground and premisses (except as before
excepted) unto the said Thomas Bowden from the Tenth day of October last past for One whole Year then next ensuing and for such longer time after the Expiration of the said One Year as both the said parties shall Agree and until the Tenth day of October next after Notices shall be given by either of the said parties to the other of them or left at the usual place of Abode of Such other of them on or before the Fifth day of April next preceeding in any Year for the Quitting or leaving the said premisses on such Tenth day of October then next following. At and under the yearly rent of Fifteen pounds ~~~~~~. Payable and to be paid Quarterly on the days following (that is to say) the First day of January the Fifth day of April the Fifth day of July and the Tenth day of October by even and equal portions in every Year so long as the said Thomas Bowden shall hold or Occupy the said premisses under or by virtue of this Agreement the first payment thereof to be made on the First day of January next.  And the said Thomas Bowden hath Agreed and Doth hereby promise and Agree to and with the said George Grenville That the said Thomas Bowden shall and will Accept of and hold the said premisses accordingly. And that on the Tenth day of October in any Year next after such Notice of Quitting or leaving the premisses shall have been given or left to or for him as aforesaid It shall be lawful for the said George Grenville or his Assigns to Enter into and upon the said premisses and take and from thenceforth have and Enjoy the quiet posession thereof. And also That the said Thomas Bowden so long as he shall hold or occupy the said premisses and until the time of his Quitting or leaving the same shall and will duly pay unto the said George Grenville the said Yearly Rent of Fifteen pounds ~~~~~~~~ by quarterly payments on the several days and in manner aforesaid, And shall and will from time to time bear pay and discharge all parish Offices Taxes Rates Levies Dues Duties payments and Assessments to whatsoever which shall Be due or payable or to be performed for or in respect of the said premisses (Land Tax and Quit Rent only Excepted) And shall and will at his own Costs and Charges at all times maintain and keep the said Messuage and Mill and the Stones Wheels and Tackle of and belonging to the said Mill and the Outhouses and Buildings and all the Gates Rails Walls Styles Hedges Ditches Mounds and Fences of upon or belonging to the premisses in good and Tenantable Repair (necessary rough Timber only being found and provided by the said George Grenville for that purpose) and shall perform the Carriage of all such rough Timber to the premisses And so in such good and Tenantable repair shall leave all the said premisses at the time of his Quitting or ceasing to be Tenant of the same (Damage by Fire
without his willful default or Negligence or by Storm Tempest or any other Inevitable
Accident only excepted) And also shall yearly set up and spend all the Hay
arising from the premisses & thereupon And shall not at any time Lop Top or Cut any of the Trees or Hedges on the premisses Nor Digg or plough upon any part of the said Meadow Ground Nor Let or Assign the premisses or any part thereof to any person or persons without the Consent of the said George Grenville. In Witness whereof the said parties First above named have hereunto set their Hands the day and Year First above written

[In?] Witness,      John Hickman    Witness,
John Miller                    Thomas Bowden