Tingewick – in sound and vision

Jane Munro (grand-daughter of Reginald Steeden) has just sent me links to two wonderful recordings.  The first is of Frank Ayres, talking in 1957 about badger-hunting in Tingewick Woods, and of his dog being attacked by pigs there (they probably belonged to my late father-in-law!).  Frank was apparently born in 1874: I don’t have a record of him in my database, but there is a Frank Ayres who is a probable match who was born and lived in nearby Chackmore.

Jane also sent me a  newspaper cutting (see below) from 1949 which her mother had kept: to her astonishment and delight, she tracked down the film here:



– a wonderful period piece with, after about 9 minutes, a brief view of Buckingham NFU, meeting in the Town Hall there, with her grandfather Reg Steeden standing up to pose a question.

Many, many thanks to Jane, and if anyone comes across any similar gems, would love to hear about them!

Bankers and the Farmer