More website advice wanted

First, thanks to Julie and Jane for their pledges to help out IF I need to pay for web-hosting.  It’s very much appreciated and hopefully will encourage others to do the same – and, just as hopefully, I hope I won’t have to take you up on it!

The new temporary website has been started but so far has only rather sparse information about each person / family. Once I see how much space I have, I’ll add more pages and also more information about each person.  If there’s anything that anyone wants me to prioritise, please let me know.

Meanwhile, I’d also be glad to have advice from anyone on how to auto-build better family/individual pages.  I’m using a Mac and so far the only options I’ve found are iFamily or MacFamilyTree – I’m using the former for storing all my data but I’m less than impressed with the page builder – one of the worst things is the change of page addresses each time I build them, so – for instance – a link to the page relating to someone on the Great War page will stop working unless it’s changed every time I re-create the site.  It will also make it nearly impossible for the pages to appear on any search engine results.  Nightmare!  How do other people get round it, especially if they want to control how much appears on each page?  There are over 20,000 people in my database now, and more than 17,000 who make it onto the website so building by hand is NOT an option!


More thoughts on Rootsweb hosting

As you may already know, Rootsweb has effectively been shut down due to a security issue.  That’s where the Tingewick website has been hosted more or less since I first built it, 20 years ago.

It seems it will take ‘a few weeks‘ to resolve and there is a growing feeling that it may have vanished as a free hosting platform and will only return as a (paid-for) offshoot of Ancestry.  I’m starting to look for an alternative but hosting a site of this size (more than 20,000 individuals, and growing) is going to cost £100 a year or more.

The site helps vast numbers of visitors.  If, say, 100 were willing to pledge sponsorship of £1 each year, I could afford to set it up on a secure, reliable server.  As a thank-you, the open public site could revert to showing bare outline trees with just dates and places, but subscribers might access a separate password-secured area which would offer a full version with sources and quotes – even more information than the current site – as well as all the other transcripts, photos etc.

Would it work?  Would YOU be willing to pledge £1 a year to get the site back on the air?