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Vestry p114

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page 114

At a Vestry held the 19th day of March 1852
according to Notice for the purpose of choosing
Overseers Surveyors and making a list of persons
to serve the office of Constable — Present

Rev’d GV Reed   Chairman

Mr Arnatt Mr Greaves, Mr Painter, Mr G. Everett
It was resolved to appoint Mr Durrant & Mr
Carpenter overseers.  Mr Arnatt & Mr Painter
Surveyors.  Mr George Everett Assistant Overseers
and Surveyor.  And James Side, Richard Packer
John Miller Edmund Worvill W’m Stockley W’m Tappin
were nominated to serve the office of Constable

GV Reed   Chairman

At a Vestry held on the 11th day of June
1852 according to the Notice required by Law
for the purpose of aiding persons desirous
to emigrate   Present

Rev’d GV Reed   Chairman

Messrs Arnatt  Painter, Durrant

Sharman  King  Lee  Everett
James Butcher aged 51 & wife {unreadable} Sarah 51 & two Girls
aged 13 & 11 Sarah aged 13 & Eliza aged 11 applied
to go to Australia. Agricultural Labourer & Boy Aged 21
Benjamin Holton aged 38 Jane his Wife 40 Emma
18 Anne 16 Eliza 14 George 11 John 8  to Canada
John Short aged 19 to Canada or Australia
Thomas Neal aged 21.  James Terry 18 —
William Franklin  42 Eliza his Wife 57 Elizabeth 16 Agnes 14
Harriett 6,  Edwin 3  Eliza Anne infant
James.  It was resolved to afford the above the aid
allowed by the Poor Law Commissioners

GV Reed   Chairman

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