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Vestry p100

[transcription below image]  page 99 : page 101

page 100

At a Meeting of the Ratepayers of this Parish
and owners of Property therein entitled to vote
pursuant to the Provisions of an act passed in
the fifth year of the reign of His late Majesty King
William IV entitled an act for the amendment
and better administration of the laws relating
to the poor in England and Wales held at the
Church in the Parish on Thursday the third
day of April pursuant to the Notice of such
meeting duly published and given on Sunday
the thirtieth day of March 1845

GV Reed Curate Chairman

It was resloved[sic] that the Church Wardens &
overseeers shall, and they are hereby directed
to raise the sum of Thirty Five Pounds
as a fund for defraying the Expenses
of poor persons having settlements in this
Parish, and being willing to Emigrate, to be
paid out of the Rates raised or to be raised
for the relief of the poor of this Parish, & to be
applied under such rules orders & regulations
as the poor Law Commissioners shall
[3-4 words unreadable]
GV Reed Chairman

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