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Vestry p103

[transcription below image] page 102 : page 104

page 103

At a vestry holden on Thursday the 26th day
of March 1846 for the purpose of making
appointing Overseers and Surveyors for the
year ensuing    Present
Rev’d GV Reed    Chairman
Mr Painter
Rob’t Warr
W’m Everett
W’m Hadland
Mr Rich’d Butcher
it was agreed to nominate Mr Arnatt and
Mr Warr Surveyors and Mr Ambrose Durrant
and Mr Batron? Mr Wm Packard? Mr Rich’d? Butcher
Mr Thos Wimbush

GV Reed Chairman

At a Vestry holden on Thursday the second
day of April 1846 at the School Room according
to Notice on the Church Door on Sunday last
for the Purpose of appointing a Paid Constable
for the ensuing year —


Rev’d GV Reed Chairman
Mr Warr
Mr Painter
J Hartley
— Crook?
— Thos Hadland
— Tappin
— Rich Hartley
It was resolved to adjourn to Thursday the
ninth day of April at six o clock

GV Reed Chairman

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