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Vestry p104

[transcription below image] page 103 :  page 105

page 104

At a vestry for the Purpose of appointing a paid
Constable for the ensuing year – adjourned from
Thursday last to the present day April 9th 1846
  Present  Rev’d GV Reed Chairman
    Mr Ambrose Durrant
Mr Fowler
— Hadland
— R. Butcher
— J. Harltey
— Painter
— Everett
It was resolved unanimously to appoint
James Lucas at a salary of ten pounds per
annum to be paid quarterly

GV Reed  Chairman

At a Vestry held on Monday the 9th day
of April 1846   according to Notice on Church
Door for the purpose of making a new appointment
of Surveyors for the Highways –

  Present  Rev’d GV Reed
    Mr Warr
— Durrant
— Painter
— Hadland
— Everett
Mr Warr signified his intention to resign
Office – and Mr Painter was unanimously
elected                    Benjamin Warr
GV Reed  Chairman
A Durrant
Rob’t Hadland

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