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Vestry p108

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page 108

At a Vestry held on Thursday the Second Day of December
1847 according to Notice on the Church Door – for the
purpose of deciding who should & who should not pay
Poor Rates.    Present

The Rev’d GV Reed   Chairman

Mr Greaves.  Mr Durrant.  Mr Painter,  Mr Hitchcock
Mr Warr  Mr George Everett
It was agreed that Wm Steeden shall pay the Rates

At a Vestry held on Thursday the second
day of March 1848 according to notice on the
church door on Sunday last for the purpose
of making a return to the Magistrates of Persons
to serve the office Constable for the ensuing
year, & for other general purposes

Mr Durrant
Mr Warr
Mr Painter
Mr G. Everett
Rev’d GV Reed Chairman
It was agreed to appoint
Mr James Side
— Rich’d Packer
W’m Packer
John Miller
Edmund Worvill
William Stockley
William Tappin

GV Reed  Chairman

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