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Vestry p110

[transcription below image]  page 109 : page 111


At a Vestry held on Thursday the 15th day
of March 1849 according to Notice on Church Door
for the Purpose of making a return to the
Magistrates of persons to serve the
office of Constable for the ensuing year.
Rev’d GV Reed
Mess’rs Arnatt
G. Everett
it was agreed to appoint
Mr James Side
Richard Packer
John Miller
Edmund Worvill
Wm Stockley
Wm?? Tappin
—  Thos. Wimbush

GV Reed  Chairman

At a Vestry held on Thursday the 29th day of March 1849
for the purpose of nominating overseers &
Surveyors for the ensuing year  present
Messrs Arnatt Greaves Painter Dagley Hartley, R Butcher
G Everett  GV Reed    it was resolved to appoint
Mr Arnatt  Mr R. Greaves  Overseers.
It was resolved unanimously to summon all
persons who are in arrears in paying the Poor rate
unless they forthwith pay up such arrears.
It was resolved to have an assistant overseer
leaving Mr Arnatt & Mr Greaves to find a proper person
for the office & to arrange with him as to the ?amount
of Salary.  The salary not exceed ten Pounds —

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