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Vestry p111

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page 111

It was also resolved to appoint Mr Arnatt &
Mr Painter Surveyors
It was resolved to leave the Pest House in the care of
the incoming Overseers to put it into repair and
let it.

GV Reed   Chairman

At a Vestry held on Friday the 15th day
of November according to notice on the Church
door on Sunday last, to consider the proposal?
of rating the owners instead of  the occupiers
of small tenements in this Parish according
to the act passed in the 13th & 14th of Queen Victoria
chapt’r XCIX [see Hansard].  It was proposed

Present  Rev’d GV Reed  Chairman

Messrs Dagley    }
R. Greaves }  overseers
Messrs Arnatt  Wm Pollard
James Greaves  D Lovell
?Thos Painter  R Butcher  G Everett
Jno Carpenter   Mr Treadwell
Fowler  James Pollard
It was proposed by Mr Arnatt & seconded
by Mr Dagley that the owners should be
rated according to the said act.  ?Next? a
amendment was {unreadable} by Mr R Butcher
and seconded by Mr Lovell that the rates
?therewith be collected as heretofore.  Upon putting
the amendment to the vote it was rejected by
a majority of 12 and the ?fore—– —-lutior?
carried.                       GV Reed  Chairman

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