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Vestry p112

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page 112

At a Vestry held on Friday the 22nd day of
March 1850 for the purposed of choosing
Overseers, Surveyors & Constables for the ensuing
year  Present

Rev’d GV Reed

Mess’rs Arnatt, R. Greaves  Painter, Dagley, Durrant
Carpenter, G. Everett, R. Butcher
Mr Richard Greaves & Mr Dagley were appointed
Mr Arnatt & Mr Painter were appointed Surveyors
Mr Richard Painter, John Miller, William Stockley
W’m Tappin, Edmund Worvill, W’m Hale

GV Reed  Chairman

At a Vestry held on Friday the 21st day of March
1851 for the purpose of choosing Overseers,
Surveyors, an assessor and making a list of persons to serve the
office of Constable       Present

Revd  GV Reed

Mr Dagley Mr Greaves Mr Painter Mr G.  Arnatt
Mr Arnatt and Mr Dagley were appointed
Overseers.  Mr Arnatt & Mr Painter Surveyors
Mr James Side – Richard Packer, [unreadable]
John Miller, Edmund Worvill, W’m Stockley, W’m Tappin
?Yeoman? were nominated to serve the
Office of Constable. – G Everett was appointed assessor of taxes
It was resolved to procure an order from the
poor Law board to sell the Pest-house

GV Reed Chairman

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