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Vestry p113

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page 113

At a meeting of the Rate-payers of this
Parish, and owners of property therein, entitled
to vote pursuant to the provisions of an Act passed
in the 4th & 5th years of the reighn of his
Majesty – King William IV intitled An Act
for the Amendment and better Administration
of the Laws relating to the Poor in England & Walse
held at the Crown Inn in the Parish on
Thursday the fourteenth day of August 1851
pursuant to Notice of such Meeting duly given

GV Reed   Chairman

It was resolved by a majority of such
Ratepayers & owners present at such meeting
that this Meeting do consent to the Guardians
of the Poor of the said Union selling the Premises
described in the margin hereof under the

Two Cottages adjoining each other and
under one roof situate at the top of
Gorrill Lane in this Parish
provisions of an Act
passed in
the 5th & 6th years
of the Reign of His
Majesty King William
IV intitled, an act to facilitate the conveyance
of Workhouses and other property of Parishes, & of
Incorporations or [unreadable] of Parishes in England &
Wales, in such manner & subject to such rules
orders & regulations touching such sale, the
conveyance of such property, and the application
of the produce arising therefrom, for the ?permanent?
advantage of this Parish, as the Poor Law Commissions
for England & Wales shall in that behalf approve
and direct.

GV Reed  Chairman

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