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Vestry p 62

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page 62
At A Vestry held this 29th day of October1834
Present The Rev’d G. Coleman Chairman
E SouthamJohn SheppardW’m Toms

W’m Everet

W’m Smith

Ja’s Parkins

B. Wimbush               J’no Cross

Sarah Packer wants pay restored

allowed /6d

Geo Smith    – Do  –   8 per day


Sarah Alton    – Do  –

Not –

Hannah Cross  – Do  –


Susan Stokes  – Do  –


Will’m Perry  – Do  –


Eiz’th Butcher wants employ for her son /8d ?loding stones
Mary Lucas wants her pay restored


Bernal’s wife  Do  —

Not –

Mary Saven  Do (3 under age)


Mary Lee  Do


Sarah Adams wants shoes for her son To find her own shoes so to be sure her ..?   /6d
Fanny King wants her pay restored –   not    –
Maria Short   –   Do —– –   not    –
John Harvey   Do —- –   not    –
Jo’s Terry wants employ To go to the Magistrates
Tho’s Steeden   Do Employed
Charles Steeden  Do Employed
Ja’s Holton   – Do left to overseer
Hannah Smith wants pay restored

Not –

Cd Smith  employ employed
Dan’l Smith  relief left to overseer

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