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Vestry p 63

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page 63
The Men who have the Land apply to havethe half pay restored according as it wasconsidered to be settled a the vestry on the10th of September.  –               allowed
G. Holton  employ 1/  per week
Martha Harvey relief   not
John Cross agrees to procure bestWednesbury Coals for the poor at cost priceat Buckingham from now to Lady Dayfor the sum of five pounds ten shillings
The mark X of John Cross
At a Vestry Held on the 19th of Nov’r 1834
Present Benj Wimbush
Amb DurrantW’m EveretJohn ShepherdEdwin SouthamW’m Fletcher
Eliz’th Inn   Wants Allowance for Sheets
Rob’t Read Wants Employ 1/- more
Geo Neal   Do not Allowed
Tho’s Horwood Wants more money not Allowed
W’m Alton Wants more Moneys  8/- Stop 6d per ?Wk?
Widow Capel Do 6d Allow
Franciss Baylis   Land  [crossed out]  Given 5d until 3 weeks
W’m Adams Wants Shoes  School at 1/4? or Work .?.?.?
Charles Petty Wants Employ   to go round   6d
Will  Bouden Do       Do
Geo Carr Do       Employed

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