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Vestry p 64

[transcription below image]

page 63 : page 65

page 64
James Holton Wants to contract  EmployedJohn Holton  Wants Relief  1 – 0 – 0  for 2 MonthsAt A Vestry held on the 11th Day of December 1834
Present Benj Wimbush
W’m FletcherW‘m TombsJohn Fletcher Shepherd

W’m Everet


Complaints W’m Savin wants more money Not Allowed
Geo Burnel  Do Not Allowed
W’m Ellard  Do Allowed  6d
Robt Read   – – Allowed
Geo Neal    Do Not Allowed
Joseph Shakespears Boy wants Employed Not Allowed
Geo Holoton   wants Employ Allowed   6d
Joseph Terry  wants Employ Allowed
Fanny King wants more money Given 1/-
At a Vestry held on the 24th December 1834
Present W‘m Tombs
WJohn ShepherdBenj WimbushW’m Everet


Complaints Mr Alton wants more moneyGeo Petty  Do     DoW’m Bateman

Joseph Shakespeare’s Boy

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