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Vestry p 65

[transcription below image]

page 64 : page 66

page 65
At A Vestry held on the 28th Jan’y 1835
Present Benj Wimbush
W’m EverettW’m FletcherW‘m Gillin

Ed’n Southam

John Craddock

Daniel Smith wants More Money – – – or promiseGeo Neal      wants More Money   1/- AllowedW’m Neale  wants Moneys – –

Eliz’th Hale wants More Money for Boy   not

Thos Steeden  wants Employ

E’d Stuchfield  wants  8d

Thos Stuchfield  wants Employ     –  not Allowed

At a Vestry held on the 14 Day Feby  1835

Susana Manders  ill  want Relief      1 Allow


Present W’m Fletcher
Benj WimbushWill EveritJohn Fletcher

Tho Painter

Robt Gunn

Ann Petty wants more money 6d by?
Joseph Holton want ReliefThe Men who have Land want seed? money

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