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Vestry p 67

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page 66 : page 68

page 67

s   D
Thomas Dickins wants imploy for a Boy
James Holton wants to contract
W’m Smith wants relief 1 —
It is agreed to pay the remainder of the seed money
A Vestry Held this 7th Day of May 1835


Cha’s Gilling ChairmanJn’o ArnattHen’y Duglas

W’m Smith

John Sheppard

W’m Everett

Wm Tomes

Complaints John Parkins Money to be taken ofTho’s Horwood wants More Money Allowed 5/- Per WeekMary Cross wants More Money   not Allowed

Sara Alton wants Something for her Mother  Allowed  1/0

Mary Terry wants some close for W’m Miles and {

                      Eliz’th Turner and Some thing for     { Allowed

Bloxham and Durrant

W’m Smith wants some Relief   Allowed  2 Men for 1 day

Mira Short wants Some thing Allowed for her Child ?not allowed?

Fanny King wants Something Allowed for her Girl  – do –

Daniel Smith to have 6/ Per Week or to go his Rounds

A Vestrey Held this 14th Day of May  1835according to Publict Notice on Sunday Last


Mr J ArnattJohn CraddockJohn Sheppard

Cha’s Gilling

W’m Everett

W’m Smith

Rob’t Hartwell

ChairmanMr Tho’s PainterJohn Pollard

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