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Vestry p 71

[transcription below image]

[n.b. I have checked the original photos, and there are no pages missing.  There is indeed a four-month gap between the meetings]

page 70 : page 72

page 71


Eliz’th TurnerJames Butcher      wants EmployBenj’n Butcher wants Employ – ill {

Rob’t Read —  do   – – – do  – – –        { to be taken on Next

Ge’o Smith Jun’r —  do   – – – do  – -{Week if the cant

John Boughton —  do   – – – do  – – –  { get work – – –

At a Meeting Held at the Royal Oak on WensdayEighteenth Day November 1835,Mr H Duglas Agrees to Supply the Poor of the

Parish of Tingewick with Coals from the 21st day

November until the 25 day of March 1836 with the

Parish allowing Three Pounds Twelve Shillings and Six

Pence for Cartage and Loss Wheight – the Best Wednesbury

Coals at the Price Selling at Buckingham Wharf and to

be Paid Monthly with leaveing one Month in hand of the

Overseers and if not fulfil the Contract to forfeit the Month

in hand

{signed} Henry Douglas


Wm Everett  Churchwarden

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