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Vestry p 72

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page 71 : page 73
page 72

At A Vestrey Held this 7th   Day of December 1835


Edmund Southam Chairman

John Sheppard

John Craddock

Charles Gilling

Danel Steden

W’m Everett

It was agreed to give M’r Cooper andMiss Cook for Damage of a Stone Pitthe sum of £2-10s for one year, and to have£2 -10s for the year Ensueing

W’m Everett Wittness

Vestry Held this  24 day if March 1836For the Puppose of Nominating overseer for the yearEnsueing
Present The Rev’d George Coleman

Edmund Southam

Ambrose Durrant

John Craddock

Johna’n Arnatt and others

Mr Tho’s King and Mr T Painter was though fit and Proper Persons to Serve the office of overseersfor  the year Ensueing for the Parish of Tingewick
Thomas Bradbury

Charles Gilling

John Arnott

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