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Vestry p 74

[transcription below image]  page 73 :  page 75

[photo unfortunately out of focus but able to guess at most of it]

page 74

At A Vestrey Held at [……] on […..]15th Day of ?? August 1836Mr  J Cross agrees to supply the poor of the Parishof Tingewick with Coals from the 17th day of ?Septemberuntil the 25th Day of March 1837 with the Parish

allowing him ?Four Pounds two shillings & six pence

for Cartage & Lost Weight the Best Wednesbury Coal

at the ?Same price selling at Buckingham Wharf and

to be paid Monthly with leaving one Month in hand

of the Overseers and if not fulfil the Contract

to forfeit the Month in Hand

The Mark  X  of John Cross

Witness  }  Thos Painter

1837  At a Vestry Held this 25 day March

it was agreed by all Present that Mr Edmund Southam

shall be Guardian for the year Ensuing

and that Mr Jonathan Arnatt and Mr

William Tomes Surveyors of the Highways

Mr Robert HartleyMiss Mary CookMr John FowlerMr John StockleyMr Thomas ?Archer

Mr Daniel Steeden

These – thought as Proper Persons to have theoffice of Overseers – and that Mr JonathanArnatt ?was Chose as the Person and Meet the […]parishes to chose a district Surveyor

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