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Vestry p 75

[transcription below image]  page 74  :  page 76

page 75

Present at this Vestrey
The Rev’d George Coleman ChairmanMr Edmund Southam Esq’rMr Jonathan Arnatt

Mr John Sheppard

Mr Ambrose Durrant

Mr John Hictchcock

Mr Wm Toms

Mr John Stockley

Mr John Fowler

Mr C. Gilling

Mr H. Duglas

Mr Daniel Steed

Wm Everett

G. Coleman, Chairman —A Vestry held the 2nd of June 1837According to Notice given on Sundy Last

for the Purpose of Employing Several paupers


Ed Southam   ChairmanRob’t ?HartleyJonathan Arnott

Wm Tomes

Thos Painter

It was Ageed to adjourn this VestryTill Monday Evning next at half Past Six oclock

June the 2nd  Rich’d Hartly

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