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Vestry p 76

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page 76

1837 At A Vestry Held on Monday Evning at ?Half Past sixThe Fifth day of June at the Parish Church of TingewickIt was Agreed by the undernamed Gentlemen Present

That George Neal Wm Miles Thomas Brewerton

And Sarah the Wife of Charles Packer should be

Excluded from the different Workhouses for to maintain

Themselves for the summer season. The Vestry also further

sixpence Per Week

Agrees to give George Neal and Sarah Packer One Loaf Each

Per Week and also to give something to any Person who will

Take Tho’s Brewerton Mr Philips as Provided a place for Wm ?Miles

Names of the Gentelmen Present at the Vestry

Mr Edmund Southam Chairman

Mr W’m Everett    Churchwarden

Mr Tho’s Painter  Guardian

Mr Rob’t Hartley  Overseeer

Mr John Sheppard

Mr John Fowler

Richard Hartley Assistant Overseer

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