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Vestry p 77

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page 77

1837 At a Meeting in Vestry regularly called by the Church Warden &
Overseer of the Parish of Tingewick
on the 24 Instant
to Arrange for the New Assesment
of all the Property in the said Parish
held at the Church at  6 of Clock in
the Evening
Edmund Southam  in the Chair
present Augustus Kime esq Ambrose Durrant
William Packer, John Stockley,
Henry Douglas, John Sheppard,
John Hitchcock, Thomas Painter
William Toms, Thomas Couts
John Pollard, Corbet Coleman
Richard King, Rich’d Butcher
William Law, Thomas Edwin
William Smith, Robert Gunn
John Hearn, John Cross
Charles Atkin, James Phillip
Charles Gilling  }
William ?Prescott }  Church Wardens
Robert Hartley }
Mary Cooke       }  Overseers
The Chairman proposed a Committeeof Nine / with the Parish officers &
???  to add to the Number to look
over all Rateable Property in the Parish
& Lay before a General Meeting

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