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Vestry p 84

[transcription below image]  page 83 : page 85

page 84

At a Vestry held this 22’d day of August1838
Present Rev’d G. Coleman,  Chairman
W’m Everett  Churchwarden
Jo’n Arnatt    } Overseers
H’y Douglas }
John Sheppard
Benj’n Wimbush
Thos Bull
Rob’t Hartley
W’m Smith
Rob’t Gunn
It was agreed that a rate of two shillings
———— in the pound be made for the
relief of the PoorAdjourned till Friday the 24 inst at 7 o.clock
at the School

G Coleman, Chairman

Friday 24th August 1838


Rev’d G Coleman Chairman
W’m Everett, Churchwarden
Jon’n Arnatt    } Overseers
H’y Douglas }
Tho’s Bull
Rob’t Hartley

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