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Vestry p 86

[transcription below image] page 85 : page 87

page 86

At a Vestry held this 7th day of November 1838
Present Rev’d G. Coleman,  Chairman
Mr. W’m Everett  Churchwarden
Mr. Jo’n Arnatt    } Overseers
Mr. H’y Douglas }
Mr. John Sheppard
Mr. Ambrose Durrant
Mr Rich’d King
Mr. Rob’t Hartley
It was agreed that a rate of two shillings
in the pound be made for the relief of
the PoorAlso that the exemptions stand as before.It was also agreed to Allow Messrs Everett
Arnott & Douglas the sum of Nine pounds
for Making the valuation of the Parish

G Coleman, Chairman

James Holton agrees to serve the Poor of the
Parish of Tingewick with coals at the same
price as they are sold at Buckingham ?with
being allowed the sum of Five pounds five Shillings
for Loss of weight and Turnpikes

The mark X of James Holton

From Januy 3 to March 25 1839

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