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Vestry p 94

[transcription below image] page 93 : page 95

page 94

1843 January 4th
At a Vestry held this day
GVReed    Chairman
Rev’d G. Coleman
M’r Arnatt  }
M’r Fowler } Church Wardens
M’r Sheppard  }
Mr’ Hartley   } Overseers
M’r Painter   Guardian
M’r Warr
M’r Hitchcock
M’r  Hall
M’r Gunn
M’r Kirby
M’r Hadland
M’r Dagley
M’r Everett
M’r Side
M’r Bradbury
M’r King
M’r Treadwell
M’r Course
M’r  Stockley
M’r Heritage
M’r Rich’d Butcher
M’r Wimbush
Mr Greaves
It was resolved unanimously
First That a notice be forthwith sent to every house
in the Parish desiring all those who had ?buckets
forks lanterns &c in their possession to bring the
same to the school at 3 o clock in the afternoon
of this day that they may be claimed by those

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