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Vestry p 95

[transcription below image] page 94 : page 96

page 95

  respective owners and that all persons
neglecting this notice be forthwith prosecuted
at the expence of the Parish
Secondly That a letter of thanks for the assistance
of his Grace the Duke of Buckingham’s
Engine be addressed to his Grace signed
by the Chairman in behalf of the vestry
Thirdly That a Reward of £100 be forthwith offered
immediately to be paid to any person who
should first give such information as should
lead to the conviction of the person or persons
who set fire to the Barn in the occu-
pation of Mr John Sheppard.  The same
to be raised, if claimed, by a rate
Fourthly That a Policeman should be appointed
the Lady Day next, ensuring, the same to
be a Stranger & an experienced man.
Fifthly That a committee should be appointed
to consider the best means of providing the
Parish with a engine, with power to collect
subscriptions for that purpose from the
landed Proprietors in the Neighbourhood &
from the Insurance Offices.  The remainder
of the expence to be defrayed by the in-
habitants of the Parish, & to be collected, if
possible by a Rate
That the said committee consist of
Mr Arnatt, Mr Fowler, Mr Durrant, Mr
Painter & Mr Reed

GVReed  Chairman

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