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Vestry p 96

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page 96

At a public meeting of the Ratepayers?called according to the provisions of an act of
3 & 4 of William the fourth [i.e.1833] held on Thursday
february the 9th 1843 the Rev’d GVReed
was called to take the Chair. It was ?resolved ?unan
imously that the Provisions? Of the said
act with regard to ?watching ?shall be
carried into effect in this ?place
Mr Arnatt was proposed as an Inspector by Mr
Everett & seconded by Mr Painter
Mr ?Reed was proposed by Mr Arnatt &
seconded by Mr Durrant
Mr Fowler proposed Mr Durrant &
Mr Painter seconded him
Mr Painter was proposed by Mr Reed
& was seconded by Mr Arnatt
Mr Everett proposed Mr Joseph Hartley &
Mr Durrant seconded him
The Above named Merss Arnatt Reed  Durrant
Painter Joseph Hartley were elected without
It was unanimously agreed that
the above named inspectors shall have
the power of calling upon the Parish
for the Sum of One hundred & twenty
five pounds for the ensuing year in order
to carry into effect the provisions of the
Said Act.
GVReed Chairman
Jon’n Arnatt
A Durrant
Tho’s Painter
John Fowler
Joseph Hartley
William Everett

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