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Vestry p117

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page 117

Memorandum of the following Persons Who Gave Notice to us the
undermentioned ?Overseers? that Claims to Vote at the Election of Guardians
for the Parish of Tingewick as Owners of Property in Tingewick
With their Address and Description of the  Several Propertys
The Rev’d Justly Hill ?M et? Archeacon  Rector of Tingewick
The Rev G. Coleman as Lawful Proxy for J Hill
Mr A Durrantt
The Rev G. Coleman
Rob’t Hartly
John Fowler
Rich’d Hartley
Rev Mr Jno Risley
owner of Houses
Do    Do
Do    Do

We do hereby Certify that the above Named Persons have

Sent to us the Notice to Vote with all Pariculars

as Owners and Proxy Voters

Dated this 18th of March 1838

Rob’t Hartley
Mary Cook     Overseers
of Tingewick
1842  March 26  Claims of Voters as owners of Property in the
Parish of Tingewick
Edmund Southam Esq’r
William Fowler
William Packer   Buckingham
John Cross

Wm Everett  Churchwarden

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