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Vestry p118

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page 118

1829  April 16th
At a Vestry held this day at the Parish


Robert Gough  }
Wm D? Poole  } Overseers
Tho’s Malsbury
Jeffery Tredwell
Wm Scott
Wm Everett
Sam’l Arlidge
B Ridgeway
It was agreed unanimously to give 2d Ye Cwt for the cartage
of Coals from Buckingham for the use of the Poor of this Parish
and ?W’m ?Coaney to purchase Potatoes to plant the Land?
Mary Parsons applys for something as an allowance to
assist her in going back to London (nothing allowed at present)
Widow Spratly applies for more money (1/ allowed)
B’n Durrant applies for the Workhouse & for Clothes } none allowed
unless he goes
to ?Union
Mr Staines? Agrees to attend and Supply the Parish Poor
with Medicines, for the Sum of Ten pounds for the present year.Abraham Durrant’s wife applies for Some Meat during
his illness which was recommended by Mr Staines the Surgeon

Thomas Key apply’s for work.

Frances King to be taken before the Magistrates on
Saturday next to be punished according to law as a
lewd woman having had three bastard children
chargeable to the Parish

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