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page 120

1829.  April 23rdAt a Vestry held by adjournment at 6 oClock in
the evening at Mr Farren’s the Crown Inn it was
unanimously Resolved to let a piece of Seeds containg
about 9 Acrres more or less, the Same to be let until the
first day of September next, to be eaten off & not mown,
to be Stocked as Shall Seem most convenient to the occupier,
but Such Stock Shall not be folded off the Land on any
pretence; and a quantity not exceeding one acre and half to
be ploughed or dug up for cultivation at the option of the
Occupier, but all crops that may be grown upon the Same
Shall be taken off on or before the 18th day of September next
and all Stubble and Straw to be left on the premises for the
benefit of the Land, to hold the Same as aforesaid until the
fifth day of September next, or until possession shall be demanded
by any person legally authorized so do do —- the same having
been offered to the best bidder it was adjudged to Mr Wm Everett
at the Rent or Sum of eight pounds seventeen shilling and
sixpence, the amount of which shall be paid at the expiration
of the Term or holding to the Person legally authorized to Receive
the Same and the occupier hereof Mr W’m Everett agrees to pay
a full and fair proportion of all Parochial Rates and Taxes
that may be levied during the Term.

Witness our hands the  }

23rd day of April 1829  }

W’m Coaney.  Assis’nt Overseer
W’m Everett

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