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Vestry p121

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page 121

1829.  April 30th
At a Vestry held this day at the Parish Church
H D Poole  Overseer
W Scott
Jeffery Tredwell
William Thew?
Tho’s Malsbury
Tho’s Stockley
It was unanimously agreed to discontinue employing
the unmarried men at the expence of the ParishW’m Spratley appies for Relief for wife ill, 1/ allowedGeo: Smith applies for Relief for his Son ill.  ?2/ till next vestry

Rich’d Neal applies to Request the 1/ Ye week granted at a
former Vestry be continued.  To be allowed if necessary

Widow Key applies for Something to assist her pay her Rent.  Not allowed

Geo: Buckingham’s wife applies for more money.  Her family
very ill, if necessary to be allowed  1/.

Sarah Adams applies for more money her Children ill {  to be
{  allowed
{  if necessary
Moses Shorts wife applies for money to pay her Taxes  2/ allowedMary Key applies for additional Relief.  1/  allowed

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