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Vestry p123

[transcription below image]   page 122 : page 124

page 123

1829.  May 14thComplaints Contin’d
Maria Short applies to have more money
her weekly allowance of 1/5 being insufficient
to support herself and child.
} occasional relief
to be given
Ann Short applies for Relief having left
her place at Service without any means of
} nothing allowed
Dan’l Smith applies to have the 2/ Ye week
taken from his allow’ce at a former Vestry contin’d
} not allowed the
order of last Vestry
to be ?desired?
Ann Clarke applies to have the 1/ Ye week all’ce
taken from her cont’d
} not allowed
Tho’s Key’s wife applies for weekly allowances
for herself & child, her husband having left her
chargeable to the Parish
} 3/ Ye week to be
allowed, and enquiries
to be made for her
husband  & when
found to be [unreadable]
Tho’s Alton applies to have his head or bread money
of 3/9 Ye wk contin’d .  taken off last Vestry
} not to be
W’m Spratley applies for Relief his wife ill 1/ allowed
Mary Key applies for relief for her daughter 1/ allowed
W’m Key applies for Relief, his wife ill ?now allowed

W’m Coaney  Assis’nt Overseer

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