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Vestry p124

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page 124

1829.  May 28thAt a Vestry held this day at the
Parish Church
Present William Fowler  Churchwarden
Jeffrey Tredwell
Tho’s Malsbury
Rob’t Gough, Overseer
A. Durrant
W Scott
Complaints Rich’d Neal ill applies for Relief {
none allowed he having
already 10/ Y week
Widow Spratley wants more money {
no more allowed the
Vestry order of the 15
Apr’l to be attended to
Sarah Adams applies for something
for attending upon Geo: Buckingham
family ill
1/6 Y week allowed
the Vestry being of
opinion this, with the
8/ allowed her weekly
Tho’s Brewerton wishes to leave the
Parish to some other employment
providing he is supplied with 20/ for
this purpose
The Vestry were quite
agreeable for him to
leave and to take care
of his two children but
no money to be allowed

W’m Coaney  Assis’t Overseer

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