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Vestry p125

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page 125

Mon’y June 10th 1829
At a Vestry held this day at the Parish Church
Present Rob’t Gough }
W’m D. Poole  }  Overseeers
Wm Everett and – ?J Arlidge  Churchwardens
Tho’s Malsbury
W’m Scott
W’m Thew
J Tredwell
Tho’s Stockley
B Ridgeway
It was unanimously agreed to discontinue the Weekly allow’ce
of Head Money from Saturday the 15th inst. till after Harvest
investing a discretionary power in the Overseers to Relief
those with the largest families with such temporary aid has
they shall think necessary.
Complaints Widow Windmill’s daughter applies
for weekly allow’ce for attending upon
her Mother who is very ill & infirm
1/ allowed till
next Vestry
Ja’s Smith applies for relief having
received an Accident in the fracture of his
nothing allowed in
consequence of his
having upwards of
Three pounds [unreadable]
from his Master Mr
Thomas Stockley
Jn’o Markham Jun’r son of Rich’d Markam
applies for weekly relief he being ill and
quite incapable of maintaining himself
3/ Y wk allowed
Jo’s Bloxham applies to have 1/ Y week
allowed for his boy Stephen who is now past
ten years of age and capable of being employed
1/ Y week to
be allowed

Contin’d over

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