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Vestry p128

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page 128

April 20th 1830
At a Vestry this day held in the Parish
Church of Tingiwick it was unanimously
then and there agreed that the said George Arnett
shall deliver up the Book belonging to the
Said Parish of Tingewick wherein the accounts
and disbursments of the Poor of the Said parish
are Entered by the said George Arnitt who was the
Last Overseer whose accounts are in that Book
Entred and wich accounts are for the year 1828
and then 1829 and we hereby order the said Church-
Wardens and overseers to Demand the Same and
Compell the said Book to be ?Returned Chairman
Jefffery Tredwell Chairman
J Arlidge?
W’m Everett
} Churchwardens
William Butcher
Rob’t Gough
Tho’s Malsbury
?James ?Butcher
W’m Scott
} overseers of
}  the Poor

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