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Vestry p129

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page 129

July 30th 1829
At a Vestry held this day by public
Notice on Sunday last the 26 inst.
Present: –
Rob’t Gough
} overseers
Wm Scott
J Arnatt
The X of Wm Ward
Complaints Sus: Stokes applies again to be relieved 2/ Y wk allowed
Mary Turner applies for a lodging – to go into the Workhouse
Mr Hearne applies on behalf of the
Warden & Fellows of New College
in Oxford, relative to the am’t
of levies paid by them for property
belonging to them in this Parish
which Mr Hearne states from the
Authority of Mr Davies a Surveyor
to be rated to high ———
} Agreed to be referrd to
}  the Arbitration of the
} aforesaid Mr Davies
} and Mess’s Chandler &
Hopcraft who were
} employed to value
} this Parish ?

W’m Coaney Assis’t Overseer

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