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Vestry p131

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page 131

August 27th 1829
At a Vestry held this day by public Notice
on Sunday last the 23rd  inst.
Present: – W’m Everett Churchwarden
Rob’t Gough
Thos Malsbury
J Arnatt
Wil Thew
W Scott

{an old man in the Workhouse}

B’n Durrant ∆ applies for a new pair of Shoes
his old ones being quite worn out. ~~~~~~

} to be allowed a new pair
} in consideration of his
} having not had any for
} three years
Eliz: Key applies for the Cottage on the Common
lately occupied by Wm Bloxham Sen’r and his
son, who are now in the Workhouse. ~~~~~~~~
} in consequence of this
} family having once
} occupied the cottage
} adjoining and refused
} to pay rent the Vestry
} were unanimous in
} refusing this application
It was also resolved that Wm Coaney do apply to Edward
Harvey for the Amount due from him to the Parish for
and illegitimate child, and if he refuses forthwith to pay
the same, to apply for an order to have the Said Edw’d
Harvey committed to Prison

W’m Coaney Assis’t Overseer

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