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Vestry p133

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page 133

Sept’r 24th 1829
At a Vestry held this day by Public Notice
on Sunday last in the Parish Church
the 20th  instant.
Present ~ W’m Everett Churchwarden
Rob’t Gough
W D Poole
} Overseers
George Winterburn
Tho’s Stockley
A Durrant
William Thew
W Scott
Tho’s Malsbury
B Ridgway
Ellis Brewerton’s wife applies for her relief
her husband being committed to Gaol for Poaching
} Refused
Widow Lucas applies for weekly allow’ce 2/5 Y wk allowed
Geo Steedens wife applies to have something
allowed for laying out Jno Lucas & sitting up
} 3/ allowed for
} herself & another
} woman
Ja’s Parkins (Clerk) to be paid the funeral
fees for burying Jno Lucas ?
Several labourers attend to request their Head
Money to be again allowed in consequence of
their large families.

Carr’d up

}  the regular
} rate of wages
} allowed by the
} Magistrates
} to be enquired into
} & acted upon

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