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Vestry p136

[transcription below image]  page 135 : page 137


October 8th Contin’d
Wm Dolton & Tho’s Neal, both in
the Workhouse apply for a pair
of Shoes each
} to be allowed if
} necessary .
It was unanimously resolved at this meeting to Sell by Auction
the Growing crop of Potatoes belonging to the Parish and that
William Coaney do apply to Mr Harrison Auctioneer for that
purpose and to appoint an early day for the Sale thereof, and also
that William Coaney do attend Such Sale on behalf of the Parish
for the purpose of purchasing Such lots as he the said Wm Coaney
may in his judgement think not to have reached their value –

Wm Coaney  Assis’t Overseer

At A Meeting Held at James Berrys at the White Hart Inn
on the 2 Day of April 1830,
It was agreed to Let A Pice of Land Near Mr Scotts in the occupation
of the Parish untill the 5th Day of April 1831 under and
subject to the same regulations has the Same was let Last Year
to Mr ?S Arlidge, Save and except all Parochial Rates that
may be levied During the time above mentioned, the same
having been offered to the best Bidder it was adjudged to
Wm Everett for the Sum of Five Pounds and Fifteen Shillings,
the Rent to be Paid Half Yearly,

W’m Everett

Jefferey Tredwell

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