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page 137

April 20th 1830
At A Vestry held this Day by public Notice
on Sunday last in the Parish Church the
15th instant

Present Tho’s Malsbury Chairman

W’m Everett ~~~
Jeffery Tredwell
W’m Coaney
William Thew
Robert Read
{ Churchwarden
{ Overseers
Complaints Mrs ?Parkins wants her Weekly ?Pap allowed
?Hy ?Key wants some Relief  ~~~ not Allowed
?Wm ?Russewell want to take 2/- Per Week to take his

Chance ~~ not Allowed

Edward Harvey to Pay 1/6 Per Week from this time
and if not Paid he will be Perseeded agaings agording
to Law
[this entry
very unclear]
Eliz’th Heritage as was to be taken a gain her to leave
Child ?Eliza Smith the []
  Edward Harvey to have 5/0 Per Week ~~~~

?Chairman ~~~

  Daniel Smith to be allowed 7/6 Per Week or to go to
answer to his name as a nother man ~~~
Thus this Meeting Ajourn untill
Mondday 5 day of May ~~~ 1830                Chairman

Tho’s Malsbury   Chairman

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