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Vestry p138

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page 138

At A Vestry held by Adjourment on Wednesday last
to this Day the 5th of May 1830
Present William Everett
Jeffrey Tredwell
Rob’t Gough
W’m Thew
Tho’s Stockley
{ Churchwarden
{ Overseer
It was unaniamously agreed at this Vestry, that for the
better regulation and management of the labourers employed
on the Farm occupied by the Parish, that W’m Smith shall be desired
in his instructions to such labourers, that the Working hours shall
be as follows that the shall be in the Field by Seven oclock
in the Morning and remain untill 12, that the shall return
again by Half Past One  at there Work, and remain untill five
at night, and that the shall keep regular at work during the hours
the are there, and any Labourer refuseing to comply with these
regulations, shall be refused Employ untill he has been taken
before a Magistrate, and it his further agreed that W’m Smith
shall remain in the field the whole of the time with such
Labourers, and report to this vestry or to the overseers from
time all such Labourers who shall refuse to comply with this
our orders Jeffrey Tredwell
W’m Butcher

a Coppy of this as been

delivered to W’m Smith by Mr W’m Everett.
This Meeting having adjourned to W’m Thew’s at the Royal Oak Inn
it was agreed to let a Piece of Land called Sweet Plot containing about
Eight Acres or there abouts untill the 5 day of Aprill now next
ensuing under and Subject to the Same regulations has the
same was let for the year to Mr S. Arlidge Save and except all
Parochial Rates shall commence from the Date hereof the
Same haveing been but up to the best Bidder it was fairly
adjudged to W’m Everett at the Sum of Eight Pounds and
five Shillings

W’m Everett

Jefferey Tredwell

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